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Just joined and would like to say hello. I am a very novice person around the garden so any help and advice i may get on here will be very much appreciated. I spend quite a bit of the winter in the canarries and sometimes the days can be quite long so im looking at trying to grow some tomato in large pots on the terrace to give me something to do. I have looked on the internet and have sent for some "The Amateur" but i am also trying to get some "Oregon Spring" as these seems to be easy and early to grow but I'm not getting any luck, can anyone help please. It would be very much appreciated.



  • Hello, Tarw. You must be Welsh! Spending the winters in the Canaries is my dream. Do you mean that you will be growing tomatoes in the Canaries in the winter?


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    Hiya Tarw. Canaries, lucky you! Ask away whenever you have a question, someone will always know the answer, not usually me I might add. Fellow south Walian here, just not living there now.
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    Hi sotongeoff plant world a bit salty aint it £3.75 for 10 seeds i got a packet of The ameteur from ebay today £1.69 30 seeds thought i might get the oregon for the same price somewhere.

    Hi Grandma im from Maesteg, yes I will be looking at growing them while im in Tenerife

    Hi Petal do you miss the green green grass of home, i must admit i do sometimes but not when it is as cold as this.

  • I live a few miles from Maesteg, Tarw. Still sick with envy. image

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    Hi Tarw and welcome to the pack 

    Good luck Alan4711 down ere in Tenby SWimage

  •  why not buy tomatoe seed in the canaries I grow " tomate tres cantos" here in south yorkshire from seed purchased in Tenerife it produces good crops of well rounded medium sized fruits with a really good flavour.the seed suppliers are Eurogarden S.F and cost 2Euros for 2 grammes of seed.

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    Thanks yorkshirelad is that a bush type as you may know the average size of a terrace is quite small, and where is eurogarden i am in Torviscas. Just give me roundabout area and ill find it.

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