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It is possible to revive this plant or should it be thrown? I read it may be possible to just cut off the flower and it will grow back?


It was left in a room with a dehumidifier on for about 48 hours and appeared to dry out pretty quickly. image 



  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Hi Jamie Small,

    Pity about the flower, but I think the plant will probably survive. image

    Having said that, Bromeliads usually die after flowering.

    That means that the big plant in the middle will probably die off, but in the picture I see lots of nice young plants around it and they should survive.

    I would cut the flower off now and wait to see what happens with the plant. If the big one dies, have a look at you young ones.

    Once they have formed enough roots to survive on their own, you can pot them up individually and with a bit of luck you may get flowes on them.

    Good luck. image

  • Ah, I hadn't noticed the younger ones growing from underneath. Thank you. image

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