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Grass seeding sandy soil

When I bought my current house I inherited a stone/shingle front garden.  The land is very sandy and I intend to grass seed it in the Autumn.  I have dug it and removed weeds.  I have levelled it and rolled it.  The rolling has highlighted the fact that the land is quite unstable in places, ie the roller still sinks into the land in places.  I did intend to buy in some top soil (for the seed bed) shortly but fear that this may not sort out the unstableness of the sandy soil.  Anyone got any suggestions?


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    once it has compacted down using a roller its unlikely to sink more (unless there's a sink hole or something similar!)

    level with top soil roller again and fill any low spots that turn up, rake the surface and get the seed down, remember to water every day (if needed) and you'll have green lawn in a month!

  • Nelly7Nelly7 Posts: 5

    Thanks for the advice.   Areas of the front garden are just loose/a little unstable - a bit like walking on sand at the beach, although not that bad.  I think I just need to firm it up before covering with top soil.

  • Nelly7Nelly7 Posts: 5

    Thanks Verdun.  the garden is sandy - I thought the top soil would help the grass.  I used both the roller and the rake.  But in some areas it is still unstable - a bit like walking on a beach.

  • Nelly7Nelly7 Posts: 5

    Verdun, dig in some compost?

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