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i think this site is brilliant! it gives you loads of information on glow worms and basic gardening and how 2 find the i would definitely go on this web-page again


  • As a child and young adult (40s & 50s)there were hundreds of them sparkling away. This was in a village on the Surrey/Hampshire border. What a loss!
  • We regularly have half a dozen or so glow worms in our garden each year although I didn't see any this year possibly because the weather was so awful. They tend to come out on warm July evenings and seem to particularly like bits of borders or grassy areas which hasn't been tendered. They are like little neon lights and its always exciting to see them. My neighbours do not seem to have resident glow worms so I certainly feel privileged!
  • Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts about swarms of different spotted/coloured ladybirds which all arrived together on the same day. We had at least 200 which settled on our south facing wall - it was the last warm day a couple of weeks ago. Some were red with black spots, others were yellow with black spots and some were black with red spots. I do not think any were big enough to be the 'foreign invader'. Unfortunately my camera was out of action so I have no photos. I am really intriqued as to why such a variety would appear together.
  • [...] being surrounded by nature. To this day there are things in nature that we cannot fully understand (glow worms, anyone?) I spent a lot of my free time as a small child playing in the woods, and being alone in [...]
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  • I've never seen a glow-worm in this country (yet), but on a recent holiday in corfu we saw them every evening on our walk back to the hotel from a nearby taverna. it was a truly amazing sight. is it at all possible to buy the larvae anywhere in order to introduce them to your garden i wonder???
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