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Yellowing leaves and leaf tips

I have googled but I can't seem to find confirmation as to what this actually is!

My Veronicastrum Fascination has started getting a few leaves that are turning yellow at the tips, and then going black and curling at the end. It reminds me a bit of how spider plants' leaves crisp up when they come into contact with too much water. The plant has been in a pot for about a month or so; I put it into that pot a few days after buying it (before that it was in a 1 litre pot). I'm in South London and we have had a lot of rain and humidity here over the past week or so, so I'm wondering if it's a reaction to that. It is in a spot that usually gets a good amount of sun but isn't too baking (although I haven't seen the sun since the weekend). It is next to another Veronicastrum Fascination that is a bit smaller (a few weeks younger I think), and this smaller plant has completely healthy-looking leaves. If anyone knows what it is, is it something I should worry about?


Thanks in advance!





  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532
    I don't think it's veronicastrum fascination when I googled it the plant wasn't what you have image
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,277

    Completely agree Verd - mine have suffered from the lack of rain this year but are still putting on a great display, and a real bee-magnet.

    It needs to be in the ground

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