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Blocked Hose Pipe - Help!!

Hi all, I am hoping somebody can help me. I recently bought a brand new 30ft hosepipe for my allotment. I was experimenting with some Coir compost last week. I put the block of dried coir in a big bucket and propped the end of the hose in with it. I went down the hill to the tap and turned on the hose for long enough to fill the bucket with water, then I turned it off and unplugged the hose from the tap. I didn't stop to think that the because the tap end of the hose was downhill from the bucket end, the hose would act as a syphon, and suck some of the water from the bucket (along with a load of coir mush that was in the water), back up into the hose. At the time I didn't realise that the coir had gone up into the hose, and just left the hose lying stretched out on the ground. I came back today and plugged my hose back on to the tap, turned the tap on, and.... nothing came out the other end of the hose. After a while a little dribble came out, along with some blobs of wet coir... then a few more dribbles and a few more blobs of wet coir. I had the hose plugged in with the tap on full pressure for about 15 minutes, bit still couldn't get anything out of the other end of the hose more than a weak dribble. Pressure obviously built up in the hose as it started spraying water out of the connector at the tap, at which point I had to turn it off because I didn't want to bust the tap connector. Problem: I obviously have a blocked hose, probably blocked with coir, and I can't seem to unblock it by turning the tap on full and running water through it. I checked to make sure it wasn't a faulty connector, and it wasn't. I attached two different hoses to the tap to make sure the water pressure wasn't low, and those hoses gushed water out with no problems. I don't want to buy a new hose because I only just got this one and it was expensive. But I desperately need it to work because I have a 75ft uphill distance between the water tap and my veggie beds. Usually I attach two 30ft hoses and one 20ft hose together to get water to my veggies. With one 30ft hose out of action I can't get water up to my plot, and my baby veg plants risk death by thirst. Does anyone have any ideas how I can unblock my hose? Thank you very much for your help!


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,593

    Connect it back up to the tap then gradually work along the hose to try to find out where the blockage is. Do this by squeezing the hose with a pair of pliers or mole grips until you find a point that you can't squeeze as easily as the rest of the hose. That is where the blockage will be. You could then try to "massage" the blockage with the pliers to break it up. Failing that if it is only a short section that is blocked chop it out and use connectors to get back to a working hose again.

  • DaintinessDaintiness EssexPosts: 980

    I would think the reason you got some bits and water out of the hose initially was because the coir had contracted by drying out. I would recommend that you let it dry out again (impossible in my part of the world at the moment!) and then instead of turning the water on shake the pipe to get the coir out. You may have to put something in the pipe like a bit of straightened out wire cat hanger with an eye at the top -  FIRMLY attached to good quality string so you can work out how far along the blockage is.

  • Bmerry8Bmerry8 Posts: 2

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I will try a few of them and see how I get on image

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