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Hi, Ive been looking at buying a wooden greenhouse for some time now and have finally found one suitable and affordable! However, does anyone know how the glass is held into the frame? Ive got a aluminium one atm and obviously use the little clips, but im presuming that wooden greenhouses dont use them because of the different frame? Or am I wrong? 


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    You can get glazing bars and clips to go in wooden greenhouses. No personal experience, saw them on someone else's greenhouse. 

  • I've a cedar greenhouse.  The glass is held in with putty and metal sprigs (like little tacks).  The putty can deteriorate and the sprigs can rust and fail, but over 14 years I've only had to sort slipping panes about 4 times, and that's with 22 foot long house.  Mine is built by a 2 man firm in the Lake District. I can't say for sure what more commercial modern firms use, I vaguely recall one of the higher-priced producers using methods similar to household double glazing.  It's worth asking the people who produce your chosen brand.  Having had both aluminium and wooden houses, I have to say the wooden one is definitely the more flexible in use, but obviously needs a lot more maintenance (ie preservative).  A firm local to me (and I promise I have no commercial interest) is Sovereign Chemicals of Barrow-in-Furness.  Their woodstain has the Royal Warrant (used at Sandringham) and is used by the manufacturers of my greenhouse.  I've bought 2 tins in 14 years (which also covered a large shed) and it's lasted a lot better than the usual Homebase/B & Q fare.  However it's very expensive.

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    Do you know where you can purchase the putty and sprigs from onionbreath? The one ive found is second hand on ebay and some of the glass is broken so prepairing on how you go about repairing it!
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    Thanks nutcutlet!
  • Putty from almost everywhere M Fent.  Wilkinsons are dirt cheap, but also any of the usual DIY stores.  Small tubs usually which is great cos you don't need huge quantity.  Sprigs...well to be honest I've just bought very tiny panel pins, about one quarter of an inch or 5mm approx.  I use my late Dad's panel pin hammer (sorry if that's not the correct joinery term, he was, I wasn't a joiner) which has a head of about two thirds of a inch wide (about 7 mm) to hammer them in.

    I've bought putty in both "natural" and "brown" colours in the past.  As I've discovered, brown is the best for me as it is nearer in colour to the wood, the natural needs a couple of coats of preservative to blend in.  Best of luck with your purchase.  If it helps, you can go to a glass supplier and ask for "horticultural glass".  It's cheaper than getting "normal" window glass.

  • I've got a cedar greenhouse in which the roof glass comprising two panes is held in by plastic channel at the bottom and z clips where the panes overlap.  I've used brass nails along the side of the glass tapped in with a small hammer.  But the plastic channel at the bottom which has a flange for nails has gone brittle over the years and I can't find anyone who supplies it.  I've resorted to brass nails along the base as well now.

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