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  • I got some weed supressing fabric from ASDA delivered with my shopping, was £3 for 1.5 X 8m, so not bad, will cover some of the ground I've cleared.

    Anyone that's got a JTF nearby, it's well worth a visit, and you don't need a card to get in anymore, you can sign up to be a member if you don't have a business (unlike some years ago when you needed a letter on headed notepaper from your accountant!).  They do some massive plastic tubs for only a few quid (but don't forget to add on your VAT!)  They do have 10% off everything this weekend, though, so only need to add on 10%,

    Poundstretcher also really good for bulbs, seeds and solar lights, as well as bird seed and fat balls/cake.  My local one not very big, so tend not to stock pots and shuttle trays, it's ebay for that.

    Amazon also good for some things, I do surveys for Amazon vouchers (steer clear of Toluna, lots of surveys for not a lot of vouchers), I normally get a £5 voucher more or less every month from MySurveys.  So I have a long wish list, unfortunately I'm adding more and more things on!

  • Surveys- vouchers?? Is this a way of topping up the gardening account??
  • Red Dahlia, if you're like me and have a gardening budget of zero, every little helps as the advert says.  Type MySurveys into your search engine, and sign up, you will get survey invitations every so often (twice weekly normally, daily if they're busy).  There will normally be some 'screening' questions at the beginning, surveys normally from 50 points to 150 points (but bigger ones take longer), once you've got 550 points, swop for a £5 Amazon voucher, or 575 points gets you £5 into a paypal account, for use on ebay or transfer to a bank.  Any internet shopping I do goes through topcashback (again type into google), which gives you a percentage of your purchase price back.  Not everyone does the cashback thing, but I've been topcashback-ing for just over a year, and almost £100 back - useful at Christmas, and you get extra percentage if you take the money as Amazon, High street or Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

    Clubcard account is good to have, as you can buy plants (although all are from T&M), or T&M vouchers with your points, and £5 of points gets you £15 T&M vouchers to spend on whatever you want.  Shopper thoughts (again, surveys but not often) gets you clubcard points to top up your account (only use Tesco for topping up shopping, but get lots of points through the surveys).

    My gardening budget is zilch, but by doing this I've got myself some really useful wolf-garten tools, seeds, hanging baskets, strawberry runners, books etc.  So for someone who has quite a bit of free time (as much as you can have when you have a 4 and nearly 2 year old), it's a way of topping up income.

  • Brilliant ideas indeed!!! Thanks for the info
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  • May need a trip again. I tried to get more seed compost but they had sold out last time I went!
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