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Talkback: Potato blight

And then it goes on to destroy your tomatoes! Blight really is the word!


  • Where are potato blight testing kit available from and at what cost?
  • I used to be a fan of Belle de Fontenay but if there is any blight about they will get it. So it really pays to plant the latest varieties, Orla is good but is thin skinned so cannot be left long in the ground because of slugs. 'D T Brown' gave away Emerald Vale this year as a trial and they have been fantastic so I would highly recomend them.

    A few years ago the head-gardener from Heligan Vegetable Garden came to give talk, apparently it is impossible to grow main-crop potatoes in Cornwall organically, so maybe if blight has been a problem you just have to compromise and use a suitable spray?

    Autumn fruiting rasps are cut down in the spring and a new cane grows and fruits in the same year. Summer fruiting have the old cane removed after picking and the new canes retained and tied in for next year.

  • The potato blight testing kits are available from the Pocket Check website, they were featured last month on BBC 4's Gardeners Question time. I see that they are also being offered as a competition prize on the Win page of this site.
  • Can anyone tell me if you can grow a younge cherry tree in a container and if so what to do.
  • Cherries can be grown in a pot, but it will depend on the root stock it is grafted on to. Check them out. I have a lovely little tree that is advised to always remain potted.
    Good, as I rent and the yard is indeed a yard. I even have wisteria all over the back of the house, yet coming from a pot.
  • Any ideas on a type of blight affecting ivy? The leaves are going brown and dropping. The stems are rotting right through. It seems to be spreading rapidly.
  • My three Japanese cherry trees have leaves which are full of holes and have been curling and dropping all summer. Also, on one of them, the largest tree, lots of sap is oozing from different areas of the trunk. Can you tell me what's wrong and what I can do about it?
  • I have a potato plant in my garden and the edges of the leaves are turning brown (not dark) at the edges dying, its not in the most sunny spot but has put on a lot of growth this year. Does anyone have any ideas what this might be? many thanks.
  • Looking for advice on raspberries. I have a small garden and put a new summer raspberry plant into a fruit tree bag. Do I cut this one down to soil level or just train in good green shots for next year and not cut any of it? I get confused between summer and autumn raspberry plants.
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