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Hose-end fertiliser feeder

I have a Miracle-Gro feeder bottle for my hose, but the spray plate has broken off the front due to wear & tear & water pressure.  I have tried repairing it with glue but it didn't hold.

I originally had the dry plant food but I have been using it with liquid feed and it did seem to work, provided you turned it so the bottle was sitting on the top, not underneath.

I've read a couple of online reviews about hose attachments and people seemed to rate one from Gilmour but this seems to have been discontinued.  A very expensive one by Hudson seems to get the universal 'thumbs down'.

Any recommendations?  Thanks.





    I have a miracle-gro liquid feeder (the feed comes in a green bottle and it is liquid when you buy it ) and try as I may, it will not take the feed from the bottle- so don't buy that one ! I'd also love some recommendations for one that works with ease !

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