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Fox Mess

I know a lot of posters have problems with cats, but I think mine is a fox. I am finding mess almost daily at the moment. This is quite a new occurance and happens in weird places like on an upturned plastic plant pot, pieces of crock, and bricks. They seem to be getting braver as I am finding it nearer the house on the patio. I do not believe it to be a cat as I think it is too big! Is there anything to deter them or is it going to be just like the cat issue - NEVER ending? image


  • Sounds like a fox.  They tend to mark their territory by crapping on top of things.

    The poo also often has a little tail bit on the end... if you fancy getting up that closeimage

    And it stinks!  

    There's no pleasant nor easy way to get rid of it but make sure you remove any and all possible food sources and have a go at scaring the crap out of it if you see it.  

    This time of year the youngsters are just venturing off by themselves to find new territories and often they are too stupid and naive to be more cautious about coming too close to humans.  

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