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plant suggestions for narrow border


Hi all,

i am looking for some advice for plants for a new border I am creating.

its a narrow border with a width of approx 1 metre and its East facing. The space is becoming more sheltered as the new hedge grows but we are quite close to the moor so reasonably exposed....that said we are in Cornwall so weather is mild!

Soil here is quite acidic.

we are going to put a wooden fence along the back of the border.

i would like some plant suggestions please for the space and the arch...anything bright, colourful and scented if possible..

i was thinking a mixed border to give some colour and foliage all year round

i do have some shrubs I could put there I.e. Hydrangea, rhododendron, camelia and mock orange but I'm not sure how sensible this is as it's such a narrow space...

any advice much appreciated...





















  • Thanks verdun, will do some research on those and nice to get advice from a fellow Cornishman!

    it was a narrow bit of grass between a willow fence and where we park cars on gravel....willow fence disintegrated but the support posts are ok to reuse and other half doesnt want hassle of moving fence posts or digging into gravel....hence stuck with what we've got!! I would love a wider bed though!

  • LynLyn Posts: 22,884

    That's a lovely space for plants, what  could Verdun and I do with all that ????????????????????????????????????????

    are you down nearer to clay country Cidermill? Or is the Cidermill the clue.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Lol! To be honest it's quite daunting for us! the garden is basically new...when we converted the barn we just levelled off part of the field, reseeded put up fencing and planted a laurel hedge! We now have these big areas of blank canvas and as novices we often don't know where to start!!! Trying to  break it down into chunks helps but often we procrastinate for months trying to decide what to do image ...we are further east than you near to launceston! But still v much the right side of the tamar!!

  • LynLyn Posts: 22,884

    Well, well, I am 10 minutes drive from Launceston, nearer to Tavy. OH works there, in the Monumental Masons workshop. 

    ours is acid soil as its close to the Moor, and is also a square in a field! 

    Needs a lot of taming and sometimes I feel like I am flogging a dead horse.

    I suppose you need to do it on a bit of a budget, you can't just go out and buy full grown plants, it costs a fortune! keep us up to date, it's nice to know someone is close by in a similar situation. Sorry about the row of question marks, they were iPad smileys, obviously don't work on this site!

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • image




    I have East facing boarder of about 1M depth. I have some shrubs, climbers up trellis, medium height perennials and ground cover at the front. Garden is only 2 years old - 3rd summer in brand new house. I was surprised how much would grow facing east. Fuchsias will also be added if room next year. I am in Lincolnshire so 4 degrees colder! Big bucket of Growmore helped!

    1st photo is right hand side - from right to left - hypericum, bergenia, monks hood at the back, honeysuckle up trellis, geum, sorbaria.

    2nd photo from right to left - gooseberry bushes (2),cotoneaster, forsythia up fence, philadelphus, conifer, hostas, canterberry bells (annuals to fill a gap)

  • How about some repeat flowering roses in there somewhere, felicia is a good shrub if dead headed and the scent very powerful. I feed mine in summer with tomatoe food.
  • Verdun, perhaps you could recommend a rose?

  • The choice is huge, get a copy of the rose expert or another book. You can choose yourself then. I have golden shower yellow repeat climbers, etoile de hollande red repeat, wedding day (no repeat flowers but scented) but good for growing in a small tree. My best advice, feed them . Arthur bowers with early spring rains or water in then tomato feed in summer.
  • Hello again! I thought I would update you all on the progress of my border and also get some opinions! 

    so after this post I had a good look on Pinterest for some ideas on grass borders and found these photos for inspiration...







    i then decided to create the border with the following plants

    stipa gigantia

    stipa tenuissima

    elijah blue fescue

    agapanthus giant blue and giant white

    a sprinkling of allium bulbs throughout


    so far we have put up the fence, prepared soil and laid plants out and this is what it is looking like....


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