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Salix Flamingo

My Mum has a Salix Flamingo in a pot in her garden. It is been flourishing since she bought it a couple of months ago but in the last few days has deteriorated considerably with brown and drooping leaves. Is there anything we can do to encourage new growth or to revive it?


  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 980

    Lack of water  probably- salix are very thirsty plants. If the pot does not aready sit on a saucer then place one under the pot.

    f you don't think this is the problem, remove the pot and look at the roots for damage, pot bound etc...

  • We have a Salix flamingo in a large container and the leaves have started to go brown and crispy in the last few weeks any ideas why and what to do 

  • I had two salix flamingo trees inherited when we purchased the property, different sizes but both mature trees in the earth, one is beautiful, the other larger tree has suddenly died, I tried to recover it with water running for half an hour twice a day without success. If I manage to remove the tree and all it's roots is there any problem with planting another tree in the same space, also what similar tree should I consider please? 

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