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Buying Plug Plants

Andy19Andy19 Posts: 671

Which company have you used and been happy with there plants for buying plug plants on line more so for hanging basket and containers that will flower for most of the summer.


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Jersey plants-never had a problem-thought the prices seem to have risen a bit on last yearsimage

  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 21,135
    Parkers although the last plugs I ordered from them, came direct from Jersey plants, so I don't suppose there's much difference in any of them.
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Never bought them online as there are far to many plugs in one batch, even 24 plugs would be too many for my garden, as, I'd want to plant them all out and prefer a wider selection of flowers, so buying plugs on line in bulk is a none starter.

    This doesn't answer your Q but if not needing a huge amount of plugs have you thought about locating a local nursery to purchase smaller quantities but a wider variety. One nursery near me allows you to buy as many plugs or as little as you like. Can't remember how much per plug but me thinks it was 25p, which would work out at £6 for 24 plugs and you can purchase 24 different one's. Some plugs are slightly more expensive at 50p, for instance fusia's. 

  • lindsay2610lindsay2610 Posts: 100
    I just received 20 Fuchsia Chameleon plugs from Van Meuwen which were well packaged and in good condition.
  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 671

    Thanks everyone just ordered 24 Lobelia Fountain maxi plugs for £7.99 from Yougarden and 30 Surfina jumbo plugs for 17.47 from Parker's so hope they do well.

  • SinevegasSinevegas Posts: 55

    just got 36 perennial plugs from Van meuwen and they were in great condition, i expected them to be small, but great roots and loads of green leaves.  by the end of summer they'll be great

  • try ebay I have had great success with diffrent suplyers from there and you can order small amounts as well with some

  • curlyonecurlyone Posts: 31

    I've just received the 72 perenials for £18.oo from Thompson and Morgan.  You were supposed to get 6 plants from named varieties, but when they arrived there were 3 varieties missing and 12 plants had been sent of another plant instead.  I phoned Thompson and Morgan who are going to send me the missing varieties, so I'm going to receive another 18 plants.

    The plants received were very healthy and well packaged, mindyou potting on 72 plants was a bit of a nightmare, had to do them in the kitchen due to this weather!

    But 100 plug plants of very healthy perenials for £18.00 - bargain!

  • discodavediscodave Posts: 510

    I got that offer curlyone, of course they are small plug plants, but they have done the first bit which is getting the seeds to show and so early on in the year is a good start. I agree that potting on 72 plants was a bit of a nightmare but its horses for courses. There seems to be some stand out companies that don't get mixed reviews, Jersey and VM seem to be the highest rated though.

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