planting in cold weather?

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    With this cold weather and still frosty nights-anything described as tender will not be happy-I think this is not frost -hardy -so needs protection-I would not put it outside yet.

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    hi,sorry i am new at this and somehow semmed to have lost me initial post,here it is again:

    hi there, i recently bought a large argyranthemum frutescens(white daisy type plant) in my local lidl but i am worried that it is too cold to plant it outside as temperatures at the moment here are 2°C and dropping to -2 at the moment i have it in my kitchen but can anybody advise me whether i can plant it outside or is it best to keep in indoors for a while until the weather warms up.,thanks and i hope someone can help,

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    thanks sotongeoff,i was kind of thinking that but i wasnt sure,thanks,i will leave it in my kitchen for now and hope that the weather warms up soon!i just hope it will be happy there!

  • Think your argyranthmum will have been grown in a warm poly tunnel!  So be kind and keep it indoors over night, perhaps put it outside in a sheltered sunny spot for an hour or two in the daytime.

    You can take cuttings quite easily by cutting off  side shoots,  strip some leaves off stem to give 5-7cm stem to plant around edge of a small pot of potting compost.  Put a plastic bag over(don't let it touch leaves) after watering and keep on a warm windowsill for a month.  When they are growing roots will appear out of bottom of pot,  transplant into individual pots.  I always take a few cuttings of new plants if big enough to take side shoots just as insurance and I like more for my money!!!!!!

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    thank you so much for your advice and tips.i will do my best!ill leave it where it is for as long as i can and follow your advice,thanks again image


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