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Talkback: Repotting palm trees

I have a potted palm as posted by Pippa on the 14 Aug,and it`s looking very sad.Have repotted it,and have cut away some of the tangled roots from the bottom before doing so(hope I did right doing this).Now what do I feed it with to get the leaves green again, instead of the yellowing leaves I have now, HELP !!!.


  • I've got a small Mexican blue palm, a Brahea Armata (I think I've spelled it right) But it's most unhappy. Anyone know what conditions these palms prefer? My chamaerops and chusans are doing well enough. HELP
  • Been to caravan again, palms looking realy well small baby palms around big ones have on avarage 7 leaves, when can you take them off? what size and what time of year is best?does anyone know?
  • I live in the Cotentin peninsular in France and when I moved here 2 years ago after my husband's death his favourite palm came too. last winter we had a couple of very cold nights, later in the year the leaves went straw colour and I felt sad that I had lost his favourite plant. However I felt I had nothing to lose so cut it right back, loosened the soil, gave it a feed and it is now flourishing again I'm sure powers greater than I probably had a hand in it !!!
  • thanks Pippa that's a very interesting story.
  • We went for a weeks holiday to our caravan in May this year, for a break but also to get the garden and pots tidied for the summer,whilst there my husband took some garden rubish to the bin only to find someone had thrown two of these lovely palms in the bin complete with ivy around the base of them, they had literally pulled them from their pots and thrown them. They had chunks of polystirene which they had used as a pot filler in a mass of roots so I removed all of this and went to buy 2 new tubs then potted them up with new compost, removed a few yellowing leaves and put pebbles around the top, trimed the ivy and now they look great they even have little palms coming around the edge of the tubs. Can these be removed at at any size or time of the year? the new growth in the center of each palm is very healthy and green looking now we just can't believe anyone would get rid of something so nice, I know we'll not, they have an all year round interest.
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