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Unknown edible in garden what is it??

Any help is always appreciated! image


  • image


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Where is this fruit growing? It looks like a member of the squash family. Marrow, etc.
    • the plant is growing in my little patch in my garden and is spreading vigourously do you know what type it is? image
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,067

    Difficult to tell at this stage Ryan but as the fruit gets larger the shape and colouring should help us to ID it.  Keep us updated. image

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  • okay thanks i will image its my first year growing this type of Veg but i love it! the fruit swells each day 

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,339

    It looks like a winter squash or pumpkin.

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  • I was actually told it was a pumpkin but the fruit isn't round? That's my only problem
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  • chris 172chris 172 Posts: 403

    hi looks just like some of mine and they are pumpkins which are now becoming prolific. planted giant atlantic pumpkins this year however it is a trial and i have not pinched out any leaves they grow amazingly quick.

    i have three which are at least 15ft long with small fruits like yours branching off so might get some?

    i water them most days as they are greedie feeders and i have so much comfrey feed weekly which is unbelievable as a feed.

    let us know how they do happy gardening

  • chris 172chris 172 Posts: 403

    hi i forgot i read a while ago that you can eat the leaves from the pumpkin plant

    any one got any recipes as i have got lots


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