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canker in Rowan tree

I have had to cut down a 25 year old rowan tree infected with canker, can I plant another in the same place? If not can anyone recommend a canker resistant small tree that can be planted in the same place? thanks


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    It might be tricky growing any kind of tree in the same position as a felled tree of that age, as trees tend to deplete the soil around them.  If you have removed the roots as far as possible (eg having them ground out) and replace a lot of the soil in the area, you may be ok.

    As far as the canker disease goes, you should avoid planting any of the Rosaceae family, which includes a lot of trees and shrubs, including Rowan.  See the wiki entry for Rosaceae and avoid anything mentioned in it:

    Some kind of Birch, Beech or Oak would probably be ok. 

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  • viv5viv5 Posts: 2

    Thank you I'll take your advice


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