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Rambling and climbing......

Most, but not all ramblers flower just the once on last year's growth so prune out old wood after flowering to keep it neat and in bounds but don't take it all away if you want the hips.  Phyllis Bide and Malvern Hills are repeat flowering ramblers.

Climbers often repeat flower but the older varieties usually don't.   The best thing is to have a look at this advice from the RHS for climbing roses -

and this for rambling roses - 

However, yours seem very short so maybe give them a good mulch this autumn and a good feed next spring and encourage more growth before you think about pruning them to suit their supports.


  • cathy43cathy43 Posts: 373

    I was taught 'ramblers climb and climbers don't'. I alway thought this meant the one that is trying to head off into a tree must be the rambler and the more polite one is the climber.  Hope this helpsimage 

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    Jo, there are now special feeds just for roses, clematis, tomatoes, leafy plants and so on.   The differences are in the ratios of levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.  

    N - nitrogen - promotes strong stem and foliage growth

    P - phosphorous - roots

    K - potassium - plant health, disease resistance, flowers and fruits

     All should contain varying levels of other trace elements such as copper, iron and magnesium and so on.   Try and get to know these and you'll know what to feed your roses.   Failing that, check the RHS advice on feeding roses.

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