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Leaking Pond

Hello to you all.... just finding my way around this site and looking for help at the same time.... I have a pond with fish, approx 11' × 8'. Losing water at a rate of about 2" down over 24 hrs. Cant find the problem and I think I might have to reline it. If I do can anyone recommend a reasonably priced liner supplier. Im worried about what I can do with 40+ fish whilst I tackle the relining. Any ideas? Worst part is, I dont know if I actually have a leak or where it is, and I'just spent 3 days building a new rockery around my waterfall and filter box. It looks really nice but im pulling my hair out trying to resolve my leaking water.  



  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    Are you sure it is leaking and not just evaporation in this hot weather? Does the water level change even on damp cool windless days? If so, one easy thing to try is to switch the pump and therefore waterfall off. Some leaks could be in the waterfall and if so, you should be able to check this area with the pump switched off for 24 hours. Again, make sure it is a cool day so you don't get the evaporation issue. That will also cross-check the connections at the pump and filter.
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  • A pond measuring 11' x 8' reducing in depth by two inches is a loss of approximately 90 gallons per day. I'm not sure this would be down to evaporation. I'd be concerned as to where it was going as much as where it was coming from. 

    Has this been an ongoing issue or has it just started?

  • Thanks for responding....   I've tried the things you've suggested to no avail already. still losing water. I've left my pump off for now to try to find exactly where the leak might be, but im concerned about my fish as the water is fairly low and not being aerated at the moment. Looks like I will have to reline it but I need a few suggestions as to where to buy at a sensible price. Any ideas, if I need to?

  • I had an issue with my pond leaking Brinley. I never found out where the leak was but I was losing about the same as you per day. I replaced the liner with one bought on-line. I can't remember the name of the company or how much it was but I know there are loads of suppliers on-line. Do a search for 'pond liner' and you'll get loads of options. It's just a case of sieving through the options; material, size etc. I'm sure you'll find what you want.

    Oh, if you've tried shutting off the pump and are still losing water, I'd turn it back on again and keep the aeration going.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks again.... ive put the pump back on after topping up. Finally decided not to keep on searching for the leak but to replace all pipework and reline. Tough times ahead but ill get there. Regards....Brin
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