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A quick question re. new beech hedge pruning.

MoomintMoomint Posts: 10

Hi Everyone,

A quick question re. new beech hedge pruning.

I planted a beech hedge a year ago it's now growing quite fast, 1 metre pot grown plants. I trimmed the growing buds from the young trees in winter and now I wonder if I should trim again. Some of the young trees are growing quite tall with less side branching than I'd like. The RHS recommends trimming the trees in the second week of August:
"If the transplants are well branched avoid cutting them back. Otherwise, for the first two years after planting, concentrate on shortening the longer shoots and just tipping back shorter ones to encourage branching and dense growth without much loss in height. Trim in the second week of August"
Any ideas on what  I should do in terms of trimming back? 



  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 21,901

    I'd go with the advice in the second paragraph.image

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • MoomintMoomint Posts: 10

    Hey Jo,

    I planted last August at 3 to the metre, so quite close. They've taken really well after a slow start, I bought 1 metre tall pot grown, dug a trench 2 ft deep and prepared with Miracle Grow compost, slow release fertiliser and root grow. They've grown an average of 40 cm in height this year to date, quite bushy but as per my question I do think I need to remove the growing tips (I'd actually planned not to touch them until next year but they're growing tall very fast now!)

    I installed a leaky hose watering system and I drench 1 a week at the moment, I feed with soluble Miracle Grow every fortnight (no more this year though!). The only issue I've had is with Woolly Beech Aphid, which I've treated with Bayer Provado with mixed results.


  • Hi beech hedgegrowers

    I planted 6ft tall bare root beech hedging a few months ago.  In the past few weeks all the buds have burst open and the leaves have unfurled and I was so pleased until this week when the beech woolly aphids arrived.  Every single leaf is affected.  I was wondering whether anyone has had any success with a particular kind of spray or other treatment.  I understand that now is the time to act and next month would be too late. 

    It is so disappointing,  I am worried that being such a newly planted hedge, it might be affected by such a heavy infestation.  I read the RHS article about Beech aphids and insecticides but am undecided on what to try.

    I'd be glad to hear your views.

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