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missing fuchsia

PGoodwinPGoodwin Posts: 3

A couple of yers ago I bought a fuchsia cultivar named Sunny Cracker alas the following winter was not kind and it was lost. I have tried every avenue I kind find inthe fuchsia world all without success             has anyone out ther heard of or know where I could find a supplier of this cultivar


many thanks  sparky70


  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 15,276
    I have over 40 different fuchsias, but not that one, had a look on the net but nothing, keep posting on all the other gardening forums as well, and maybe someone will have one.
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  • PGoodwinPGoodwin Posts: 3

    Many thanks I am glad for any help, I still have plant label just to prove I am not imagining it.

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 8,308

    There is an online image of it at, but that's about the only thing google turns up.  What occasionally happens in the plant retail world is that a particular variety is given a different name by a retailer when they sell it, if (for example) they are pricing it at below the minimum that the breeder (and owner of the original name) wants it to be sold at.  Something like that may have happened in this case.  You might therefore find a genetically identical fuchsia currently available but under a different name.  The trouble is there are thousands of fuchsias so finding it by searching the web for images may take some time!  If it was indeed sold under a different name, they might have used something similar (eg there seems to be a variety called crackerjack) which may help to narrow down the search.  Good luck in your quest, PG!

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  • PGoodwinPGoodwin Posts: 3

    Thanks Bob, I like you have looked at that site on numerous occasions and have tried contacting the site but all to no avail. The plant itself caught my eye as it was slightly different in so much as the foliage was quite small with a yellow tinge to it the flower had little impact and looked quite riccartonii'ish but quite dwarf in stature, alas it looks like my quest is in vain. Thanks for your help and happy gardening. PG

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