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How to solidify slate gravel path?

Between my wife and I we have spent years getting our garden just how we like it (was originally a square of tatty grass and three oversized Laurel hedges) but our slate gravel paths are now proving a problem.

Basically we swapped from pea gravel to slate to try and stop our cats (and others in the neighbourhood) using the pea gravel as a nice and handy litter tray.  Initially the idea worked, but as our Birman has grown he now finds no problem in digging up the slate as using that as his personal litter box.  We've tried using a few products for keeping the cats out of the gravel, and one version works rather well, but its effect is reduced after a couple of good downpours.

Before the arrival of our little boy this was just a minor nuisance, but now he's romping around the back garden we don't want him to stand in something unpleasant, or even worse pick it up, but we also don't want to lose the gorgeous look of the slate.


Is there any product out there that can be used to solidify, bond, or bind the slate gravel all together?  That way we can keep the gravel paths that we so like, but the cats will be forced into using the patches of pea gravel we left in the garden for them to actually use if they want to mark their territory.  I've seen some product on American markets that can simply be sprayed onto gravel to bind it all together, but I was wondering if there was something in the UK that worked the same?  It doesn't have a huge footfall over it, and certainly no cars, so it doesn't need to be the hardest product known to mankind!


  • Thanks ever so much but I've been all the way through that website.

    Essentially that's a product that you either have to mix in a specialist mixer, or purchase already bonded. We really want to keep our slate, and to be honest removing 4 tons of slate, getting rid of it, and then paying for 4 tons of bonded gravel is not really an option.
  • No problem Jo.

    Just wish there was someway to fix the slate without starting completely afresh
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