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Gardening gloves and sweaty hands

Because I often have a lot of brambles to clear I use some strong thorn-resistant gloves inside a pair of standard gardening gloves. With this combination I can get a good grip on any brambles without getting spiked.

However, my hands naturally get very sweaty and whenever I go to put the gloves on the next day they are always very damp inside (short of using a hairdryer I can't think of a way to dry them inside).

What's the solution? Are there any really strong but breathable gloves out there which will resist the most intrusive bramble thorns?



  • Hang them on the washing line or stick them in the airing cupboard overnight.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. The washing line would work if I didn't live in a coastal area that is subject to drizzle and overnight mists and heavy dews. image

    As for the airing cupboard - I fear that my gloves would stink it out somewhat! image


  • Wash them then!

  • PotteringaboutPotteringabout Posts: 162

    Sorry but, is this a serious question? If it is, just wash them through, turn them inside out and leave them overnight to dry. Before you put them on next time, sprinkle a little talc inside.

  • I'm thinking that the next question will be "How do I tie my boot laces?" image

  • PotteringaboutPotteringabout Posts: 162


  • If all I'm going to get is sarky comments I guess I'll just unfollow this thread.

    And for those of you who think it "clever" to make such comments, please re-read my initial post, particularly:

    "Are there any really strong but breathable gloves out there which will resist the most intrusive bramble thorns?"

    Oh, and well done NorthernLass2 - with comments like yours I'm sure that you'll put people off asking questions. What a little star you are! Do you get a kick out of trying to make somebody look foolish?

    Thread unfollowed, don't bother to reply or PM me.

  • KEFKEF Posts: 8,915

    MowerMan, I would invest in another pair of gloves and wear them alternate days image

  • star gaze lilystar gaze lily Posts: 11,543

    Northern lass do you mean to be that harsh, just read a comment from you on another thread.

  • Oh, and just one more comment for NorthernLass2 - it's attitudes like yours that really encourage new gardeners ............... (sarcasm)


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