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Most suitable Climber


 I am looking for suggestions for a climber for the arch.

We are in a fairly sheltered position even tho. we are coastal. The RHS of the photo. faces south.

I have planted a rose (red) on the rhs.of the arch, which is nearly to the top.

I have a container (approx 2ft hxw) which is to the left of the steps,(which has nemnesia ? in it) into which I would like to plant a climber, other than a rose.

As the garden/arch is very small I do not want anything that "takes over" but which can be easily maintained, we are getting on in yrs.!!! and be a good companion to the rose.

ANY ideas would be appreciated.

Many thanks.



  • chickychicky Posts: 10,400

    The patio series of clematis are goid for pots, don't get too big, and flower freely.  They are Group 3 so easy to look after - just cut to the base in spring.  Raymond Evison has a section on them on his websiteimage

  • Dave75Dave75 Posts: 11

    Thank you both for your help, will look into it.

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