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Short Variety Shrubs Suggestions?

I have a raised planting area (approx 3ft high) above a wall that I would like to fill. I would particularly like smaller varieties of shrubs because they are already up high to begin with and I have to maintain them! I was thinking maybe a Choisya, is there a short variety?  Evergreens would be my first choice because this area is at the front of the house on the drive and has a drab fence behind it which I want to avoid looking at.image


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,160

    Euonymus, box, ilex crenata, photinia 'Little Red Robin'. All evergreen and capable of being restrained.

  • There are several short hebe varieties that are evergreen but will give summer flowers as well. They've some in a flower bed at my local supermarket and they look attractive all year. A good garden centre should have a selection.

  • MeomyeMeomye Posts: 821

    Thank you Verdon for your very detailed reply, the area gets the sun first thing in the morning, I am thinking no higher than about 4 ft because where they are already up on the wall they will actually be around 7ft high. I will peruse your suggestions and investigate suitability. image

    Thanks also to DD and Ceres, again I will investigate.image

  • There's quite a few rhododendrons and azaleas would fit the brief.

    As others said Hebes:  sapphire is nice.   

    Berberis.   You could find one that's got berries, flowers and evergreen like verruculosa


    Pieris little heath


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