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Should I trim back my Lavender now that it has finished flowering? I did it a few months ago and it came back lovely, thanks


  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    I take off all the flower heads after they finish blooming. Only the flower heads. Wait till spring, when new growth starts, to prune more heavily. (As above, not cutting into the old wood) Keeps the plant compact, limits the build up of old woody stems. 

  • ^ I do late summer pruning.  I remove the flower stalks and about a couple of inches of current year’s growth.   As Runnybeak said make sure that some new green growth remains.

    It's absolutely o.k. to either do it now or in the spring.   I choose to do it now because where I live everything is likely to be under snow for some time and so I because I'm all very traditional cottage garden perennials I basically have a massive clear out so everything is taken right back and all dead leaves and flower stalks etc are removed and then the flower beds have a mass of well rotted horse muck either spread over as a mulch or forked round plants and it's all just left to do it's thing over winter. 


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