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Phormium Mauri Queen


Some four years ago I planted two flaxes, both of which have thrived, the Yellow Wave even, apparently rarely, pushing up a 6 foot flower spike.

The question is, has anyone experienced an odd concertina like, leaf distortion of the Mouri Queen, or any other variety, which seems to the only one affected.

The pattern only appears on a small number of leaf spikes and is roughly two centimetres in length, resulting in the spike collapsing at that point.

On examination, there seems to be no evidence of insect infestation when the section has been opened to reveal the full leaf width.

A number of suggestions have already been made including 'a stone affecting the leaf growth, Hmmmmm'!!

Any serious thoughts greatly appreciated,



  • Hi Verdun,

    Thanks for the response; yep it is a bit of an odd one, and as my excellent contact at Burncoose nursery in Redruth have indicated, something of a little puzzle. As I am new to the site, I will persevere and attempt to drop a photo of the miscreant!!!



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