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Osteospurmum buds not opening

I have 2 osteospurmum in tubs in sunny spot, they were full of flowers when I bought them and deadheaded them as soon as the flowers died.I was happy to see lots more flower buds coming but now instead of opening they seem to have dried up and gone brown. I have watered them regularly and the plants look OK, just no flowers, what went wrong? Thanks


  • AJBAJB Posts: 49
    Oops spelt it wrong too! image

    It's not every day I find I've been too kind to something, wonder if they would be better in the garden rather than a tub (which contains compost)
  • AJBAJB Posts: 49
    labels were a bit vague (from a charity sale) they seem quite compact, but then that could be because they are confined to the tubs.
  • HeftyHefty Posts: 370

    i have the same issue but with various plants

    is this what u mean? =

  • AJBAJB Posts: 49
    Yes, thats exactly what's happened, so disappointed haven't fed them, but maybe they don't like the compost in the tub. Bought them at a charity bedding plant sale so just planted them up with marigolds in tubs, marigolds are ok but no flowers on the Osteospermums.
  • HeftyHefty Posts: 370
    No one seems to know what this is image
  • HeftyHefty Posts: 370

    hey i thought  may like to know - i think it was something to do with too much nutrients in the soil, as now mine have started to flower again properly (on all the effected plants) so i think the excess has now been used up


    hope that makes sense

    how are your plants doing ?

  • AJBAJB Posts: 49
    Thanks, Hefty, nice to know. I'm going to put mine in the garden when the rain stops! I can't see any new buds on them yet,
  • HeftyHefty Posts: 370

    bad news - ive worked out its honey fungus.......


    google it..


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