Looking after alpines

I have just invested in a new greenhouse, part of which is dedicated to growing alpines, in pots plunged in sand on a tray table. I was inspired by the wonderful alpine house at Wisley which is awash all year with the most perfect minature marvels. I don't want to grow alpines outside.

My question is how do I look after the plants ( minature daffs, tulips, irises, saxifrage,eranthis,cyclamen etc.) when they finish flowering, so that they reflower just as well next season? I could bin them and invest in new plants next year to be safe, but I would much rather succeed in keeping them going. What is the care regime, watering, feeding etc.?


  • BerghillBerghill Posts: 2,831

    Blimey, you need a book to answer all the requirements of those things. Don't throw them away, the whole point is to grow them properly so they get bigger and better with time.

    Bulbs should be allowed to die down naturally then dried off and put under the staging to rest. Keep them damp but not wet.

    Need to know what kind of saxifrages you have to advise on them. Ditto Cyclamen.


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