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Hi all. I want to sow some grass seed on an area of my garden which has been very bare, covered in ivy, twigs, stones ect for a long time, its quite shady for about 2/3rds of it too as its under some tall trees and at the back of the garden, its about 12 sq metres in a long rectangular strip, 2m wide x 6m long. I have tried to get rid of the debris and have forked and raked the soil, raking as much as i can and treadind down, there were loads of bulbs too which i have dug up and lots of stones, some big ones as well as lots of small ones. I have also put some general fertilzer granules on it a couple of weeks ago and today was my first opportunity to get to work on sowing the grass since 2 weeks of rain. Anyway I came to start it this morning and where I had raked there were now hundreds of stones which have come to the surface I think because of the rain washing the soil away. I have tried raking some more but I can still see stones under the soil when I rake and I can only think that the same thing will happen even if I did rake it again and try to get rid of the stones, once it rains again. They are mostly small stones 1-2 cm in size, i think there are bigger ones below the surface. So anyway what I want to know is what should I do about the stones? Do I need to put a load of top soil on the top to cover the stones and if so how much? I am half contemplating just turfing it, but would i need to put a load of top soil down under that too? i hope you can help me.


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    You will never get rid of all stones in a garden-taking away the bigger ones is a good idea

    You could spend money on a load of top soil-this all depends on how important this area is to you-do you want a "lawn" or just somewhere for any kids to play on?

    As a secondary note-hold off sowing seed just yet-the soil is not warm enough and with this weather it will not germinate and the birds will have a field day-far better to wait a few weeksimage

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