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I'm hoping someone could give me some advice on this nightmare:



I live in a rented house, and i think this hedge started off as 1 plant, but now there are about 5 different ones entangled within it! I'm looking for some advice on how to get rid of the unwanted ones, but still keep the hedge, as it is between us and a neighbour. Even if someone could identify which weeds/plants these are would be helpful.

I think the hedge started off as 3 of these plants (they have no flowers):



However, mixed in are the following (and i mean REALLY mixed in!). I recognise the Holly, Ivy and Bramble, but i'm unsure of how to get rid of these. The others i don't know.




 This plant is in a couple of places in my garden. It has a weird smell when you cut it back, and it grows so fast!! It gets pretty tall - taller than the rest of the hedge.


 This one has popped through in a couple of places - maybe some kinda maple?




 Then this nightmare has wound its way around everything! I think it is coming over from next door, as it is creeping over the fence the whole way round - it's even trying to climb onto the house!! 



Please could someone give me some advice on how to get rid of these! Or at least control them?


Thanks in advance!


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,787

    Hi Cate and welcome image

    I think the main hedge is a mixture of lilac and privet (they're related and lilac is sometimes grafted onto privet so that might explain the mixture).

    The tall one with the weird smell is Elder (it will have white elderflowers in the early summer followed by elderberries in the winter.  If you don't like it just chop it back or even down to ground level each spring to keep it under control. 

    The maple-like leaf is a sycamore seedling - it'll get huge like a forest tree if you let it so just keep chopping it down at the base.

    The creeper with the white flowers is Russian Vine - it will spread and spread if you let it, but it's pretty so just keep cutting it back each autumn.  Don't let it's wandering branches touch the ground or they'll root and grow new plants and then they'll take over!

    The Winding Nightmare looks like wisteria - it's coming over from next door - they should keep it under control and prune it properly then it'll flower and be lovely.  If I were you I'd just keep cutting it back where it's invading your space.  You won't harm the plant and it needs to be kept in check.

    As it's a rented property I'd not spend money on the hedge, but cut it back hard and give it a good tidy in the winter, it'll look ugly for a couple of months, and then you'll get fresh new leaves and a lovely green hedge again.

    Hope that's helpful but please ask if you need more image

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  • Ahh fantastic, thank you very much!

    I'm just gonna try and keep it cut back as much as possible then I think. It's just a pain because of how fast it all grows!!
  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    That all sounds very sensible. It may have been planted as a mixed hedge at some point in its life(or just neglected) and that is why you have such a variety of plants. Cut it back to being a 'proper' hedge either yourself or get someone in who has fairly hefty hedge trimmers/loppers. I would spot weedkill the bramble.
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  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,357

    Ash and sycamore seeds can blow in on the wind, elderberry and bramble seeds are left by birds that sit and eat them in the shelter of your hedge! Sometimes you can get other things that way too - I got a holly, an amelanchier and a Japanese cherry!

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