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poorly shrubs

I have a magnolia on which the new leaves turn brown and die. The whole plant appears to be going the same way. In the same bed, a camellia which was fantastic last year, produced few buds which turned brown and never opened, also, all the leaves are turning yellow. I am feeding them with ericaceous food but things seem to be getting worse. I have heathers, fuchsias and a conifer, plus aquilegias which all seem fine. What am I doing wrong.Any ideas gratefully received.


  • Both plants have been in for several years in acid soil. My heathers are winter flowering and have been superb. I water the garden every few days. Is sequesterene  iron?

  • I have never checked the acidity because it has always been an acid flowerbed. How can I check it?

  • Could home made compost do damage?

  • Ok. Thanks for your help.

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