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Tomato gone mad in greenhouse

Hi i have 5 tomato ants in the ground in the greenhouse. All was well and good then went on holiday for a fortnight. Had neighbours watering the greenhouse for me kindly. Have come home and the tomatoes have gone mad and are now touching the top of tbe roof, really overgrown , lots of flowers , some actual fruit , but lots of foliage. What should i do? Should i cut them back a little or just let them be. First year with a greenhouse so advice mu h appreciated.


  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 21,565

    Are they the bush type or the cordon type?

    If they are the cordon type, trim back all the side shoots (the ones that emerge from the leaf joints of the main stem) to the main stem. Then when most of the jungle has been cleared, count up the main stem until you reach four, five or six trusses (whatever is convenient and leaves you some roof space) and then cut the top off the main stem. Tie everything up to a cane or a string to stop it falling over. Give the plants a water to lessen the shock. 

    If the bush type, I haven't a clue, sorry.image

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  • Gill16Gill16 Posts: 2
    Yes they are cordons. That is such a help. Perfect. Thank you so much x
  • LynLyn Posts: 21,383

    If they were bush types they wouldn't be up to the top of the greenhouse. They stay shorter and branching.

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  • Do you know what? I have let a couple of mine go (a bit) - trimmed off the suckers that grow between branches but let a couple of plants have their head (so to speak) and there is a good crop a ripening in there!

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