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Can anyone offer help pls.  I bought a young wisteria about 4 years ago and planted up in a large pot against east facing wall in my small sheltered patio garden.  It has never flowered or shown signs that it is going too despite pruning.  Bought as wall coverage - should I give up on it as idea was to have a climber with lots of spring/summer flowers?


  • annmarie 2annmarie 2 Posts: 155
    is it grafted , cause they do flower more quicker they do like the sun I have two one struggling at the moment ,but the other is flowering I think it depends on what type you've got some flower quicker than others , mine are both in large pots I wouldn't worry just keep watering them and give them a feed I use seaweed feed and prune them twice a year
  • Thanks for your reply Annmarie - will follow your advice and persevere as they are really beautiful when floweringimage

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