Hello Everyone

How is everyone finding this years summer ?????Me i would say wet and windy for most ITS THE PITS otherwords.

Love my garden but weather has stopped me and the mrs enjoying it more .

imageNot happy




  • bazabaza Posts: 633

    Rub it in Verdun he he

  • bazabaza Posts: 633

    We live near Chester le Street  Co.Durham and its been rubbish great when the suns out but hasn't been often enough .If i said every water barrel is full to the top that would sum our summer up here in the NE


  • bazabaza Posts: 633

    i suppose all is not lost off to corfu in september for 2 weeks in the SUN (hopefully he he)

  • Abby2Abby2 Posts: 101

    It's the wind that's been the worst thing for my garden. I'm in the SW and had very little growth and quite a bit of damage to deal with this year image

    Really hoping for decent late summer weather and actually some more rain...ground still dry and cracked here despite a few wet days during the last few weeks!



  • bazabaza Posts: 633

    Abby2 if i had a hosepipe long enough you could have 2 of my water barrels sent direct to your garden he he

  • I'm with Abby2 with thee wind which has been a real problem this year, the lack of any warmth has been the second problem, a couple of really hot days is all we have had then it turned to Autumn temperatures for the rest of the time, nothing really wants to grow, the plants are all sulking and battered image

  • Bit of a mixed bag in Merseyside, plenty of rain but quite a lot of very pleasant days too. Fair to middling as we say, mustn't grumble. image

  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,970
    My central heating has been off for only two weeks this year. It has been on the rest of the time. It is freezing up here. And wet - don't mention the rain! Plus side is that I have never had to water pots except for that fortnight of good weather end of June. Central Scotland. Brrrr! Summer clothes never out of the drawer!
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