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Hi we have just purchased our first house that has a garden and are looking for some advice for our lawn.

As you can see from the picture it's a bit patchy in places and the left hand side seems to grow a lot faster then the rest (this area used to be a garage) how would we go about improving our lawn?

Any advice will be appreciated as we are complete beginners.





  • paulk2paulk2 Posts: 184

    Most lawns in our area are currently suffering from lack of moisture and look the same as yours vervant. This also has the effect of stopping the majority of the grass from growing. I would have thought the left hand side is holding more moisture which will encourage growth: perhaps because it has shade from the wall?

    Your lawn looks weed free and in very good condition for high summer (!), so I'd leave it alone for now apart from giving it a light cut. September is the time to take stock, top dress, aerate and remedy any compaction issues.

    I'd recommend getting "The Lawn Expert" book by by Dr D G Hessayon: you can get used copies of these for 1p plus P&P from Amazon.

    Cheers Paul.

  • knathanknathan Posts: 4

    Ours was terrible this time last year and it's beautiful now.  Try letting it grow a bit then give it a light cut every week or so then give it a feed in the Autumn.  Cutting it really short doesn't help as it dries out when it's hot.  I would also try getting a good mower with a variety of height cuts, mine scalped it until we bought a new one.  Go easy on it! 

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