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Skimmia japonica 'Thereza'

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  Bought and planted (2 days ago) two of these lovely  about 1 foot high Skimmia japonica 'Thereza' which should fill dappled shade/moist soil gaps in a small border when they eventually  grow to their full size.    However, as have bought them likely at peak of flowering (?) - am wondering that as they are so compact with lots of flowering heads - should I lop off the flowering heads (as was suggested to me) to encourage spring and summer foliage growth?  Am not keen to do this as the fragrance was the huge attraction in buying them, as well as that I think they will perfectly suit my gap spots in this garden.  In these leaden sky dull miserable days - they cheer me up and lighten up the partial shade spot they are in.  But I want to do what is wisest for the future growth of these young shrubs. 

Does anybody have any advice on this?  From the look of them I'm imagining that they will soon be past this lovely fragrant flowering spell - or is that not the case?   It seems also that they are 'male' plants so I won't get berries unless I acquire 'female' Skimmia to plant nearby - but doubt I have the space to do that.

Thanks for any comments or advice.  (Have tried posting this several times and whilst never had any problems in past - the photographs disappear when I try to post the thread.  Forgive if they disappear again and have to do without the photos.  They appear when I've typed the thread and have inserted the photos - but when 'posted' it comes up without the photos.  Fingers crossed for this attempt)





  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 734

    Sorry folks.  The photos come up in the message before I 'post' it - but after 'posting' the photos are not there.

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    I dont think you need to remove the flowers. The plants will grow quite happily anyway. I find that the flowers on skimmia are long lasting

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  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 734

    Thanks Nigelcoad.  Appreciate response.

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