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Which brand?

Dare we talk about proprietary brands of compost? Since peat is all but banned and the alternative offerings as replacement I find pretty poor, what is the answer. What are my fellow gardeners resorting to and whose brand?


  • clogherheadclogherhead Posts: 506

    I normally buy Aldi ,I find that the main brands are way too expensive


  • nodlisabnodlisab Posts: 411

    Dont buy verve from B&Q, Which magazine voted it the best compost so I went and bought some.It is the worst compost Ihave ever bought,full of twigs and course cuttings and dries out quickly. Finished up scattering it on my flower beds.

  • patzzpatzz Posts: 54

    Yes nodlisab I got caught with that one too. Also Arthur Bowers was the same and I had used that for many years. They all seem to dry out to quickly. The structure is twiggy and dusty,dead really. I,m using Miraclegro at the moment and adding small amounts of John Innes No1, though I see Levingtons are adding this to their compost and 40 to70 % of peat. Who knows, it,s an expensive trial and error nowadays.

    Hello Derek I have,nt tried Aldi

  • Aldi is good, and so is ASDA, not tried ASDA's own, but they are doing the big levington grow-bags for £2 each.  Not opened the levington bag, but used one of the Aldi's own growing bags when I planted raspberries, mixed it with the topsoil (needed to as I dug out half a sink, lots of halfbricks and a few coping stones), the bag I got was a very dark brown, almost black colour, no chemical smell, and looked really good stuff, was a bit 'clumpy' but they broke down without too much effort when I showed them the fork.

    Would buy the Aldi stuff again, without hesitation.

  • blackestblackest Posts: 623

    This won't be a particularly useful link for UK Gardeners but there probably is an English company doing the same thing.


    It's composted horse manure, it sells for about the same as peat based compost from bord na mona 


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