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pruning my new yew hedge

I planted my bare-root yew hedge in novemebr. It's now the beginning of august - am i too late to prune them?



  • lee12lee12 Posts: 32

    Thanks so much for the responses. I'd be confident of pruning them if they weren't so young! I only planted them in november they're still baby's! I was told to prune them in early summer but forgot. Shall I risk pruning now or wait until next year? I read its super important for growth to keep on top of pruning in the first three years if you want a solid hedge from the ground up.

  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,994
    Are you pruning them as they are too high? Most new hedges you wait until they are about a foot past the height you want, and then prune them.
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  • lee12lee12 Posts: 32

    Its not cause theyre too high theyre only 2.5 feet tall I'm aiming to achieve 7 feet solid green wall, there's 80 in total in a double staggered row. I've been feeding them with a liquid seaweed fertiliser.

    Yes Verdun my thoughts exactly, from what ive already read the time window has just passed for the 'optimum pruning window' for young yews, but I'd be suprised if they came to harm just because I pruned them a month after I should have.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 67,331

    I'd agree with Verdun and cut them back now to encourage bushy growth.  We're a good way away from frosts as yet, so new growth won't get damaged. image

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  • lee12lee12 Posts: 32


  • way too late in the season to cut back for new growth - leave until late spring you will achieve nothing by doing it now - most conifers are well into their second flush by now

  • I am refering to young plants that are not established - trimming them this late, they will not have time to start and finish a flush. I too have a Yew hedge and I cut mine once in mid June, I have been known to tickle some bits off later in the summer but usually one good trim is sufficient. Yews are slightly different than many other conifers but never the less they cannot make the summer (growing season) any longer!

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