Potting A Madnolia

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Hi Everyone


I recently purchase a loveley magnolia.

I would like to have this isn a pot (see picture).  Now my question is what is the best way to pot a magnolia.







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    Not sure what you mean as the best way-it is just like potting anything on-they do prefer ericaceous compost-just get a nice attractive pot bigger than you have now-watch out it could be top heavy in the wind-compost in the bottom -pushed round the side-water with rain water rather than tap.image

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    I have replied to this onceut it wouldn't let me post

    I have grown a magnolia stellata in a large pot biut would hesitate about puttin a soulangea in one as it is a large tree,

    If you have to do so I would get something like a half barrel and plant in there, It would need amix of ericaeous compost with some JI2 0r 3 Baout 2/3 ericaeous to 1/3 JI

    However I do not think it would be happy long  term

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    ok, thnaks. 


    Would it be best to just keep it in the pot its in now?

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    Frozz-take it out of the pot-if it is full of roots it needs moving on- garden or container-but as I said leave it in that and in the first bit of wind then woosh- and tears before bedtimeimage

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    Looking at your garden - why not plant it in that corner

    You have researched its size haven't you? I have just bought one and it is going at the back of a very large garden and will have about 8ft clear on every side so that it can show off properly.


    They tend to have an outward growth.

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    Thanks for all the help

    ideally I want to keep it size it is, Maybee foot higher
  • I have not been very successful at growing magnlias in pots. A more recent planting in the garden is now heavy with buds for the fist time.

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    You could be going against its nature and lose it

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    Frozz if you take Rosa,s advice and use a half barrell can we all come round and help you empty it first,, i here Doombar bitter  beer barrells are best, and  perhaps a full one would be better just in case,just think all that beer and a loverly barrell to end up with,Now has anyone got a bitter idea than thatimage

    Good luckFrozz miduck


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    Alan imageimage

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