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Citrus help needed please!!


Can I ask for advice please?  I have a lemon tree about five years old.  It lives in the conservatory, but goes outside in the summer (well, if we have one!).  It's fed Westland citrus liquid feed once a week.  It's just been repotted today into the next size pot up, with citrus compost.  It's not kept too wet.  In the past week or so it has dropped leaves at an alarming rate.  Leaves aren't yellowed.  Plant is flowering at the moment.  Other plants in the same room are fine.  No sign of pests.  Any idea please?




  • Tracywt2Tracywt2 Posts: 2

    Hi. Citrus tend to be prone to shock ie sudden change in their temperature or ipossibly repotting. I suspect this has caused the problem. It very unlikely that the plant will die, just maintain a stable environment and the plant will recover. Hope this helps, Tracy

  • Hi Guys,


    Thanks so much for advice.  Yes, plant returned to same position.  It's been very very cold for the past 10 days or so, and I've been putting a lightweight fleece over the whole plant each night now, and it hasn't lost any more leaves.  Fingers crossed!!

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