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I was out to buy an acer yesterday, and was looking at the smaller specimens on the bench priced at £10-£20. I wanted one with a single trunk, but none really took my fancy.

some of the larger ones on the floor were ideal, but were £30 upwards. Just as I resigned myself to the fact that this was what I was about to spend, I found a handful of Jerre Schwartz priced at just £15. Not bad for a 5ft acer I thought.

any other bargains been had recently?


  • Bowl containing three good sized osteopremums for a £1 and a large argyranthemum marked down from 12.99 to £1.  I'm not complainging!

    Is Jerre Schwarz an acer then?

  • I enjoy getting bargains from the local garden centre. Recent ones include 2 water butts reduced to ??10 each and then they had a further 20% off at the till so were ??8 each. We'd previously looked at ones for around ??30 each so a big saving.

    Later we went back to buy a stand. It was reduced to ??7.50 which was reasonable. On another trip we went back to get a second stand and it came up on the till as ??2 and had another 20% off so a ridiculous ??1.60. I'm sure that was a mistake but they guy on the till said we could have it at that price image

    We got one water butt working as we had a downpour and it filled up. We then realised the tap wasn't screwed in right so it leaked. We emptied it into buckets to fix and since then there's been no rain so the water butt is empty. Still not wishing for rain had enough this year.
  • Just realised he pound sign comes out as question marks!
  • Probably not so much a bargain, but I couldn't leave behind a 5ft Eucalyptus gunnii 'shrub' in a teeny pot.I wanted to get one for its interesting foliage.

    It looks really stressed, dropping leaves but has some good strong new growth and it was only £5.

    Hopefully it will look happier now it is in a larger pot.

    I got some very strange looks carrying that home on the bus image

  • I bet you got some strange looks. A bit like when I carried a 6 ft Christmas tree back from Woolworths on the bus as surprise for my parents many years ago image Needs must!

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