Who's growi g SPIGELIA?

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A few years back I grew a lovely plant called SPIGELIA Wisley Jester. Yellow and red flowers. I used to visit scores of tiny back garden nurseries picking up all sorts of rare and unusual plants and this was one of them. However, I lost it. It's a tender plant I think. A wonderful eye-catching gem. I would like to grow it again but cannot locate it at moment. Anyone growing it ?


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    RHS says there's a mail order supplier in Wiltshire - shouldn't take too long to get to you http://apps.rhs.org.uk/rhsplantfinder/pfregions.asp?ID=204703 

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  • I've got a Wisley Jester in a pot.  There isn't much of it at the moment, only shoots.  When it grows I can try and divide it.  I purchased mine a few years ago from Hillier Garden Centre.

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