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Moss overtaking sedum!

Can anyone please suggest a way of removing/killing off moss which is trying to overtake my sedum roof. I have been up there today and tried to weed it by hand and I think it would take weeks.
I would like to use an organic moss control treatment that would remove the moss and feed the sedum at the same time. Is there anything out there??  someone recommended M O Bacter an organic lawn treatment that contains a bacteria that 'eats' the moss and also has an integral feed. However I am concerned that the feed may not be the right balance ie too much nitrogen etc. What do you think?   


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,414

    Another result of the excessive rain. As long as you've got it well drained it will probably improve on its own if it ever stops raining. I wouldn't feed the sedum, if it gets too lush it won't do well in a drought. 

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