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Good morning one and allimage

24 hours ago this was a friendly happy place-but then a lot of bickering and some unnecessary comments were posted to upset the equilibrium.image

As someone who posts frequently -perhaps too frequentlyimage-can I just send a message to old and new alike- there do not need to be gangs or cliques -if you start or contribute to a thread you do not own it-you don't set the rules- and all are free to post-it is not a competitionimage

The forkers term was created elsewhere-I-now after a bit of contemplation accept that is a compliment that others want to use it to address each other-unless someone has another idea?

So come on-lets all put this behind us-we are a community of gardeners not a load of people looking for a fightimage

Lets us get back to happy times-families always fall out-but they usually make up againimage

Sermon endsimage




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