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Hibiscus flowering problem

I planted two small hibiscus plants three years ago, both placed in sunny spots with good drainage. They have grown well over the past few years becoming established but have never flowered. The garden gets regularly mulched although no direct feed given to the plants. Are they still quiet young, or is this a feeding issue. I am also wondering if they may not be getting enough sunlight as neighbouring shrubs are significantly larger, although adequate space was given at the point of planting.


  • Hi, Kate. image Hibiscus like shelter from the wind and do well near a wall. They need a few hours of sunshine a day to flower so mine comes into leaf and flower later in the summer and in a really grey summer might not flower. Your other shrubs might well be cutting out too much sunlight because they do like an open position. They can cope with drought better than too much wet but if allowed to dry out during the flowering period, they will drop their buds. Bit if a laugh after last year's summer! They flower on this year's growth and an early hard prune can do them good because it encourages the production of flowering side-shoots.

    I live in South Wales, so it is fairly mild. I don't know how they would fare further north and I should have checked where you live. I have read that they are grown in Scotland, though. As with any flowering plant, tomato feed or similar encourages flowering and rose fertiliser is good for them. I think you should feed them at least a couple of times during the season. I hope that is some help and you are able to enjoy these gorgeous blooms.

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