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What to grow on a one acre site?

Hi. I am new to the forum and would like some ideas on what to grow on a once acre site in Cheshire to try and earn some revenue? We own two one acre plots in Green Belt. As I live some twenty miles away from the plots and am not the world's greatest gardener, something easy to grow that requires little maintenance would be ideal. Obviously I need to be able to sell whaterver I grow and hopefully make a reasonable return. Initail thoughts were Christmas trees.


  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    If I had two acres,I would have a fruit orchard,grow veg of allsorts,fruit bushes,and I would forget about the Christmas trees....image

  • I think your idea about Christmas trees is probably the best - I'm guessing you may have seen that people do grow them in that part of the country, with some success.  Growing anything else a fair way from where you live has two disadvantages, as far as I can see. One is that you won't be close by to see what's going on ref possible vandalism/theft etc if you decide to grow fruit/and or vegetables, and the other is that you'd need to factor in any transport & travel costs which could be considerable if you take on anything that needs constant attention.  I think that as far as Christmas trees are concerned, some people do monitor their sites in the weeks leading up to Christmas, as theft is something which, unfortunately, does occur.  You can get battery operated CCTV these days, which might be worth considering, especially as it would only need to be operational for a few weeks in the year.

  • Perhaps try growing houses; green belts are not as safe from development as they were a couple of years ago, and especially after today's Budget.

  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 658

    Why not make it into plots for renting out if the land and area are suitable.

  • Christmas trees take some years to get to a commercial size and then they get choppped down and you would have to wait again until a fresh lot had grown! How about something that grows every year such as soft fruits where people could come and pick their own? Probably still be considerable start-up costs though  image

  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489
    It's not really a gardening question in all honesty. If it was easy to grow a cash crop and sell it on we'd all be doing it.image

    Have you thought about renting the land out for horses perhaps?
  • One acre isn't enough for a horse or pony- and even if the OP's two acres were adjacent (but I think he's implied they aren't) that still wouldn't be enough.  There are - sadly - only too many folks who buy their "Little Princess" (ugh!) a pony without any knowledge or previous experience whatsoever, and I see the results more often than you might think.  Buying just single acre plots isn't always a good idea unless you live nearby and can take advantage of that proximity - however, just because you own a piece of land, it doesn't mean you can always do exactly what you want with it, as an earlier thread this month showed.

    The Christmas tree idea is one which does work - and there can be some income  every year because people don't always want a big Christmas tree!  I've noticed that the one or two local growers spend the weekends from mid-November onwards on site and cut the trees as required when a customer turns up - they don't sell to any "middle man" so get the full amount for themselves.  This means that not all the trees are removed each year, leading to the need for some replacements of course, but also to a variety of sizes growing on the site &  which is what the customer often likes to choose from.



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