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Supporting climbing shrubs or rambling roses

My garden has a tall rambling rector rose that was given to us as an anniversary present, it's up to the house facia board and is a lovely sight when in full bloom. This year I decided to give it a good prune and also improve the method of supporting it, as it was suffering from buffeting by high winds. By replacing the usual tensioned wire between the vine eyes(set so that the eyes were in the vertical plane) with threaded round bar, I used M8 gauge coveted with a length of old garden hose. The bar was cut long enough to fit through the vine eyes with enough protruding thread to allow fitting of washers and M8 nyloc nuts. The result, a really strong support to either trap stems behind or attach traditional tie fastenings to. I sourced the M8 bar in stainless steel from Clas Ohlson and the washer's and nyloc nuts also in stainless steel from Screwfix.
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