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Watering, humidifying, fertilizer, transplanting

Good day )) Sorry for my English (Russian native, you know)  mother has Dracena and a lot of some plants (dozens)...she has asked me to  create application for Android which will to help - send notification about  watering, humidifying, fertilizer, transplanting for each of it...
I have  made it and thought - to locate app in google play (Android shop). Done. Have  made pro and lite version.
BUT - I have made only 3 languages - English,  Germany, Russian...I'd like more - Italian, Franch, Spanish, Portuguese...caz  application is usefull.
My question is - could somebody here translate it  to theese lang? Unfortunately - I don't know native speaker of it (((
Second question - mayby somebody tests it and say me - what more need? Now I see  only 1 thing - fill data from database but it takes the base of plant)))
Uh...more time - sorry for language )))

And application for test is here Houseplants (google play)

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